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7 Important Cranes in the Construction Industry

Without our equipage, we cannot perform a task. If we want to knit a sweater, we will be needing crochet hook, knitting needles and yarn (I took this example because knitting fascinates me). Every task is a synthesis of multiple small and big tasks that requires dependable gubbins. If we have the correct equipment, our skills won’t go in vain.

Industrial crane manufacturers Sgffab provide nothing but the superlative. A gamut of mechanical marvels – cranes, single girder EOTs, double girder EOTs, single girder gantries, monorails, single/double girder goliaths are designed (and even customized) to make your work a piece of old tackle.

Crane manufacturers and suppliers Sgffab afford top-tier cranes, material handling equipment and industrial fabrications that promise to stand the test of time. Reliability, sturdiness, safety, high performance, quality are some of the many qualities that their equipment flawlessly provide.

You might not know about all the construction equipment but cranes are pretty much commonplace. You see them all the time around you. To add flesh to the bones, I will tell you about the seven most important cranes that are holy grails for engineers and contractors.

1) Tower Crane

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They are the best combination of lifting capacity and height. Some tower cranes are even 1,000 meters high! They are suitable in the construction of tall buildings. These cranes are to be connected to a building in order to avoid crane tripping or swaying.

2) Telescopic Crane

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The cranes you see today are forms of a telescopic crane.

3) Mobile Cranes

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This crane’s footprint and mobility give it versatility that help in lifting a material. Its outriggers can be set up at a desirable position without disturbing its internal chart requirements.

4) Truck-mounted Crane

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Boom trucks or picker trucks cranes provide mobility and reach, which make them versatile.

5) Rough Terrain Crane

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These cranes are mounted on an undercarriage. They have only one engine that powers the crane and the undercarriage. As the name suggests, they are suited for craggy/rough terrains.

6) Loader/Folding Boom Crane  

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It is hydraulically powered, articulated arm fitted to a trailer. It is used to load equipment onto a trailer.

7) Overhead Crane

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It is also called suspended crane. This type is usually used in factories, but larger overhead cranes called goliath cranes are used in shipyards and large outdoor manufacturing plants.

If you want speedy and safe work, SGF Fab is an unerring choice.

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