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5 Bulky machines that ease your contractor’s job

Do you remember the jingle? In the 90s, Disney Channel was blossoming with glorious shows like Noddy (this was Pogo, right?), Timmy Time, Thomas & Friends, Bob the Builder, and innumerable cartoons that do not delight us now.

(There! I said it. Strangle me!)

These cartoons occupy a major portion of our conversations, where we recall childhood’s Tesla-esque doohickeys and incidents. However, Bob the Builder still stands out for me because I can never forget his gigantic machine friends talking, rolling, mixing, dismantling, lifting, and digging industriously while having boatloads of fun.

Shy and nervous crane Lofty, sunny and bright digger Scoop, dump truck Muck, tall tower crane Tiny, fastidious steam-roller Rolly, and witty cement mixer Dizzy charmed us with their antics. Moreover, who would have thought toys of a civil engineer can be fun (and colorful)!

Let’s be honest. I find it difficult to understand the mechanics behind giant construction machines because Single Girder and Double Girder Cranes, circular-type Electric Overhead Travelling (EOT) are not only a mouthful but obscure.

These giant metal blocks are bulky and complicated but no construction can start without them. Moreover, if you use, say, a crane that does not rotate but you require the one that can rotate 360 degrees, your work will be thwarted. Your money and goodwill are on stake. You cannot afford shoddy choices.

Crane manufacturer and supplier SGF Fab enlists its fine machines with lucid descriptions to help you choose the best for your job. Check them out here:

I would also add that if you have no cords connected (or you do not wish to connect) to construction equipment, it is time to educate yourself because umpteen knowledge surpasses scant knowledge.

1) Excavators

You must have seen a machine with a big, spiny bucket arm that can rotate 360 degrees, attached to it. That is an excavator. As the name implies, it is used for digging earth, heavy lifting, mining, and pipe installation.

2) Backhoe Loaders
In simple terms, it is a modified tractor with a claw tail at the rear end and an adjustable shovel in the front end. It is commonly used for digging trenches.

3) Skid-steer Loaders

These versatile machines can rotate without moving an inch (like a revolving chair). You can see a spirally slate arm in its front.

4) Crawler Loaders

Combine the functionalities of excavators and backhoe loaders and you get crawlers or as I like to call them – The Hulk. Apart from the features of the first two machines mentioned above, crawlers have crawler tracks that help them in moving around without support.

5) Trenchers

Imagine a mechanized version of a platypus’ tail connected to the front end; this is a trencher. It digs, well, trenches. It also has crawler tracks.

So, the next time you spot a metallic giant, don’t shrug your shoulders. You know the nuts and bolts now.

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